Breast, bottle or….feeding tube

By Sarah Lockie

Before Euan was born, I had a vague idea that feeding tubes existed – I think I’d seen one in an article in Woman’s Day about a sick kid, and another in an anti-smoking ad – but it’s not something you envisage your own child needing. It’s not a part of the day-dreamy anticipation of what life with your baby will look like.

But not much about being the mum of an extremely prem baby is. Continue reading “Breast, bottle or….feeding tube”

Telling the truth

By Jati Wixted

I had what I would call a typical birth. In that nothing really went the way I planned. On the tenth day past my due date and after four failed inductions my “uncooperative cervix” and I unpacked the scented oils and the bikini we’d planned for the birth pool. In their place, we packed giant black knickers and pads resembling phone books, slapped on some red lippy and waddled in for a non-emergency C-section.

I was filled with stories of the trauma related to this, and of course confident in the research that showed I would now not produce milk, and that my body was in fact a bit of a simpleton when it came to its fundamental role. Continue reading “Telling the truth”

Whatever works for you

By Alyssa Fraser

My first child was born in 2007. I was blissfully unaware that breastfeeding was frequently difficult for women. I had no idea that there was anything more you had to do than put the baby’s mouth on your breast. I didn’t even know that the baby sucked the areola and not the nipple itself.

My baby girl Charli was 2.6kg and seemed starving. She wanted to be fed hourly. The first couple of days were confusing with conflicting information coming from the midwives. After one insisted the baby was on correctly, despite it being painful, my horrible journey of cracked and bleeding nipples began. Continue reading “Whatever works for you”

Fed is best

By Kate Calacouras

“Really, you’re not a great mum if you’re not breastfeeding.”

That was the support I received from the rather unhelpful person on the Australian Breastfeeding Association’s hotline. It wasn’t what I needed to hear. I wanted practical advice on how to make enough milk for my son.

But I just shrugged my shoulders and hung up. I was in such a vulnerable place at the time, and I didn’t have the energy to be angry about the advice I had received. But I’m angry now. Continue reading “Fed is best”

Getting full bottle

By Liz Trevaskis

Boobs. They are miraculous things. One day they’re just taking up space on your chest, the next (if the next day you deliver a baby of course …) they are a life-giving force, filling with the magical elixir of breastmilk, to nourish a new tiny human.

A simple, natural thing that our bodies – our boobies – are designed to do, after we give birth (those amongst us with the relevant anatomy, that is).

Although, as I’m sure you know, rarely is anything that simple. Continue reading “Getting full bottle”

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