Getting full bottle

By Liz Trevaskis

Boobs. They are miraculous things. One day they’re just taking up space on your chest, the next (if the next day you deliver a baby of course …) they are a life-giving force, filling with the magical elixir of breastmilk, to nourish a new tiny human.

A simple, natural thing that our bodies – our boobies – are designed to do, after we give birth (those amongst us with the relevant anatomy, that is).

Although, as I’m sure you know, rarely is anything that simple.

Even if breastfeeding was an easy and fabulous experience for you, and bless and praise that wonderful relationship between your boobies and your babies it if was – even if that was your experience (seriously, bless those boobies!) I’m sure you know women for whom it wasn’t.

It sure as hell wasn’t easy for me – nor for a little guy called Archie.

Our experience was all tongue-ties, lip-ties, poor latch and exhausted baby. In his first few weeks of life he saw chiropractors, speech pathologists, a maxillofacial surgeon, and had his tiny little lip lasered. There were midwives, public and private lactation consultants, maternal health nurses, and a (figuratively) life-saving GP.

And that was just Archie. Meanwhile, I had low supply, vasospasm, mastitis … and finally a breast abscess that put me in hospital for two weeks when Archie was just eight weeks old.

Before we had Archie, I had no idea that breastfeeding might not work. None of the breastfeeding education or resources I had accessed covered this!

And ever since our breastfeeding journey I’ve wanted to do something to broaden the conversation we have about how we feed our babies. To acknowledge the challenges, to share the trials and tribulations, to celebrate the triumphs.

To get “full bottle” on the issues and experiences of women who have fed their babies, with boobies, bottles, and by any means necessary.

So what lies ahead is not about me – although at some point I’ll share a little more of my story.

It is the experience of a whole raft of fabulous mamas, from Australia and around the world, sharing their experiences of babyfeeding. From rocky starts that grew into roaring successes. Undersupply, oversupply, and months of pumping. Nipple shields, milk donation, and Go-Go Gadget boobs.

And so much more in between.

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6 thoughts on “Getting full bottle

  1. Great idea Lizzie. My story isn’t that interesting (I don’t think) but more than happy to share with you, if you need/want some other stories!!


  2. Great idea Liz! There are so many stories around that we can all learn from. I have two very different stories with my two babies. Happy to share.


  3. This blog idea is great. Happy to share my story of sorting out vasospasm during a Canberra winter and feeding a tiny preemie.


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